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My phone is a poo face.
It will die randomly at 40%
Or it’ll be at 1% for an hour.

this exact same thing happened to my iphone 5 and id only had it for like a year, apple needs to get it together big time and fix their batteries, too much money for a phone that isnt high quality in that respect. 

sorry for the rant haha




i love white people

I’m asking this in the most genuine way…is this a Sims animation?

This makes me so angry

this is odd. 

Anonymous asked: kinda personal but why do you work out you look frickin tiny

im most deffinitley not tiny, and its a bit weird for you to say that if you havent seen my belly haha, 

im a good 20/30 pounds heavier than id ideally like to be which is a bit embarrassing but eh. 

im not overweight but id like to be smaller, workouts make me feel better too. so all in all its about more how i feel more, if not just as important as how id look. 

I’m such an emotional wreck that fuckin commercial for the new Disney documentary “Bears” came on and it was so sweet it legit made me cry ahah

"Mom, this might be my last chance to tell you I love you."

- A text from a high school student who was aboard the ferry that capsized today off South Korea’s southern coast. Four passengers were killed, 55 were injured and more than 280 are missing. (via latimes)

(via latimes)

Anonymous asked: What did you do for spring break?

I’m on spring break this week!

I’ve planned a lot of hiking trips with friends and family and taking care of some school work(:

Excited for a breather from school



how i communicate

my response to everything

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