4:03AM Fri. August1/2014

its lovely outside, 59 degrees. the stars are shining, and i wish you could share that with me. do you remember winter break when we stayed up until 4 talking about silly little things, and you said youd never stayed up that late to talk to anyone before. little did i know that would be the last 4 am i would spend with you. miss you, theres an aching in my bones that reminds me of where you once were. if you ever come back to me i will hold you so close, you’re always swirling around in my thoughts, youre in my heart. the vibrations of your voice resonate through me. 

miss you, and your tangents and our little disagreements and jokes.

god damn it i miss you so much it seems sometimes thats all i can feel. 

so ill go to sleep again with thoughts of you, hoping youre as lovely as you were when you last left me. 


Bubble Wands, Mike Flemming

same tho

Johnny Depp & Kate Moss

i fucking love this



aw by annie lebvovitz we had to study her in photography love her so much


wtf this needs to be on everyone’s dash omfg THIS IS P E R F E C T

love this so much omg

does she realize how much I want to be her in this pic or

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